PowerPathway 2018 Training Schedule

Customized coursework has been developed in partnership with PG&E to help prepare students for entry- and apprentice-level careers and pre-employment testing at PG&E and other utilities.

While PG&E is committed to carefully considering and evaluating all applicants who successfully complete PowerPathway courses, course enrollment or completion does not automatically guarantee employment with PG&E.

Applications submitted for enrollment undergo rigorous pre-screening. Program enrollment is limited and eligibility requirements apply. Courses may lead to certificates of completion and college credit, and will open for enrollment up to three months before course start date.

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2018 Course Schedule

Below is a list of the proposed programs in 2018. Please note, the programs are still in the planning phase and the 2018 schedule is tentative. Please stay actively engaged for updates and open enrollment.

East Bay

Program Name: Entry to Electric Operations
Program Location: Cypress Mandela Training Center (Oakland, CA)
Start Date: March 5, 2018
Graduation Date: April 27, 2018
Read more about the 2018 Entry to Electric Operations Program

South Bay

Program Name: Entry to Gas Operations
Program Location: Evergreen Valley College (San Jose, CA)
Start Date: June 18, 2018
Graduation Date: August  10, 2018
Read more about the 2018 Entry to Gas Operations Program

Program Location: College of San Mateo
Program Name: Electrical Power Systems Program
Start: Ongoing
Read more about the Electrical Power Systems at College of San Mateo