PG&E Recruiting

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Our applicant tracking system is brand new and will require externals to create new Talent Profiles and internals to update their existing Talent Profiles. The new system has some significant enhancements to the candidate experience and transparency into the recruitment process.

We hope that this information helps to answer questions you may have about our application process and requirements. You will also find some details about specific programs and opportunities here at PG&E.

Profile Creation Requirements
All applicants must have a Talent Profile in order to submit an online application. You are required to create a Talent Profile with a secure, private password before completing an application.

Completing your profile is very important. It helps our recruiters track progress and make contact with you, and it streamlines the process on your end. The first step in creating your profile is to upload your resume. We'll automatically organize it to make it searchable by our recruiters and maximize your chance of finding a match. In order to be considered for a position at Pacific Gas and Electric, you must submit a complete candidate profile.  Don't worry — we've made it easy. If you are new to the system, you will need to create a personal account, which is protected by a username and password.
• Password must be at least 2 characters long.
• Password must not be longer that 18 characters.
• Password must not contain space or Unicode characters.

How can I change my password? And what if I forget my password?
Go to and click on the View Profile/Sign In link, there is a “Forgot Your Password” option on the login page that will help you reset your password. To change your password, use the “Forgot Your Password” option, you will be prompted to create a new password.

If I change my email address should I create a new account with my email address?
No, that would create duplicate profiles for you, and may create confusion. Instead, you should update your profile with your new email address.
Can I use my LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profile to populate my Talent profile/application?
Yes, this can be set up in a few quick steps. Remember that your candidate profile should contain pertinent information; education, prior work history, phone and address information. All of these fields can be mapped into your Talent Profile from your social media account.

What types of files are accepted as attachments?
The acceptable file types include: DOCX, PDF, CSV, Image and Text (MSG, PPT and XLS file types are not accepted for Resumes and/or Cover letters.
Can multiple files be attached?
Yes, you can now attach a unique file for each application you submit.
How long will my Talent Profile remain active in the database?
Your profile will remain active indefinitely, unless you choose to delete it.
Is there a resume file size limitation?
No. The new system is cloud-based and does not limit the file size.
Is there a limit to the number of applications I can submit?
No, however we encourage you to target positions that interest you and that you are qualified for.
Each time I apply, will my profile information automatically incorporate existing information from my Talent Profile?
Yes.  You will have more relevant search returns targeted to your profile information, such as years of work experience, job title(s), educational background, geographic area, etc.
How do I search for current openings at Pacific Gas and Electric?
Go to and either search using the location or key words.

Do you have internship opportunities? How do I apply?
Yes. Visit our website at and click on the link to University Programs for additional information.
How do I know my application has been received?
You will receive an email confirmation and can visit your profile to view your application status for all your applications in the new system.
What happens to my profile after I have applied?
Your profile will remain visible to recruiters, however if you make changes to your profile, previous versions will not be available.
How do I understand and monitor the status of my application?
Your application status will appear on each application you have submitted. They appear as tiles, in chronological order, so your most recent application appears at the top. As you progress through the recruitment process, your status will change and you will be notified via email.
After I have applied online, how can I contact a hiring leader or a recruiter?
If additional information is needed beyond your application and your resume, you will be contacted directly by a PG&E representative. You may also be contacted if pre-employment testing is required, or when interviews are being scheduled. You can refer to your application status in your profile for details on your progress in the recruitment process.
When can I expect to hear from PG&E after submitting an application?
You will receive an email immediately after applying to confirm your application has been received. From there, the process will vary based on the position, but most applicants should receive an additional update within several weeks.
Is there a way to sign up for job alerts and be notified of future opportunities with PG&E?
Yes. Job Alerts are available and can be set up from within your profile, based on the parameters you choose. There is no limit to the number of Job Alerts you can set up, however we suggest you set up alerts that are targeted to jobs you are interested in and qualified for.
How can I tell what browser is currently being used?
Please navigate to this link: