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Finance is integral to our ability to operate in a sound and sustainable manner. As a vital resource for California and for the nation’s utility grid, we must be good stewards of our finances in order to ensure continuous, reliable energy delivery and innovation. Areas of expertise at PG&E include banking, money management, investments, investor relations, financial reporting, forecasting, retirement benefits, and tax.

We take pride in our ability to serve as knowledge partners to the organization, with smart, straightforward processes that encourage top performance. Finance business areas at PG&E consist of:

Treasury and Investor Relations

Our work encompasses banking and money management, investments and benefit finance, investor relations, and strategic analysis. This includes all aspects of financing the company, maintaining liquidity, administering retirement benefits, developing financial models, and supporting corporate acquisition initiatives.


The office of Controller is concerned with financial recording and reporting, as well as implementing financial controls and extending financial advice to the businesses of PG&E. We work to comply with tax requirements, minimize tax liabilities, and ensure the timely and accurate payment of vendors, employees and retirees.

Utility Finance

This team directs financial forecasting, guidance, governance and oversight. Utility Finance leverages technology for cross-company planning, prioritization and reporting, as well as for process automation designed to reduce risk and increase efficiency. It is our goal to better enable our employees to focus on analytics versus day-to-day processing.

Opportunities in Finance at PG&E may include:

  • Accounting Analyst
    Accounting Analysts work in various departments to conduct analyses of financial systems, statement and reports in support of daily business practices. Candidates must have relevant knowledge of GAAP, ERP, SAP, SEC and related regulatory bodies.
  • Financial Analyst
    Financial Analysts support budgeting, planning and forecasting, monitoring, controlling and accounting, operational performance reporting and analysis, strategic planning and analysis, and financial decision support. Candidates must have strong analytical and quantitative skills, along with a consultative approach to working with business partners.
  • Risk Analyst
    Risk Analysts may work in: internal audit; compliance and ethics; market and credit risk management; corporate security; finance compliance and controls; or enterprise risk management (ERM) and insurance. Candidates must have directly applicable experience within a utility or related industry environment. Previous Guidance Document Author training will be a plus.

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