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The PG&E Energy Supply team manages a vast portfolio of available energy resources, with responsibility for over $8 billion of electric and gas transactions each year.

We are able to handle customers’ 24/7 demand for electricity by optimizing our resources in response to dynamic real-time needs that fluctuate with weather, weekends and time of day. This means ensuring that energy resources are not only available, but also cost efficient and in alignment with internal controls and regulatory requirements.

PG&E supplies electricity via our Diablo Canyon Power Plant and a fleet of hydro, fossil fuel and solar power plants. To further support our customers, we also have contracts with third-party providers that offer conventional gas and hydro resources, as well as solar, wind, geothermal, and bioenergy alternatives. The state of California requires that 33 percent of our energy supply must come from renewable resources by 2020, and we are on track to meet that goal.

We are designing and implementing a comprehensive, long-term energy resource strategy that can keep pace with California’s growth and development. Energy Supply careers at PG&E offer challenging opportunities for skilled professionals who can negotiate favorable contracts, plan ahead for our customers’ future needs, and otherwise ensure the availability of clean, reliable energy. It’s an exciting time for you join us.

Opportunities in Energy Supply at PG&E may include:

  • Hydro Operator
    Hydro Operators are responsible for safely operating, monitoring, and maintaining PG&E equipment and facilities including waterways, reservoirs, dams, and powerhouses. Candidates must have previous hydro‐electric experience.
  • Power Generation Project Engineer
    Project Engineers provide complete engineering and design, project management, and technical support for multiple capital and expense improvements to power generation and infrastructure facilities. Candidates must have an engineering degree, active PE license, and the ability to manage a team of contractors and field engineers.
  • Energy Supply Nuclear Instructor
    Instructors provide training to trade employees and plant operators to help support safe and reliable nuclear plant operations. Candidates must have hands-on commercial or military nuclear experience as a reactor operator, along with some training background. Status as an INPO instructor will be a plus.

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